Best Construction companies in UAE

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Best Construction companies in UAE

Company Overview

Over the years, Prestige Constructions has grown from strength to strength, laying each brick with strong ethics and morals. The development has been multi-faceted and richly diversified across the verticals of Residential, Commercial & Retail, Educational & Healthcare and Industrial. What we do speaks volumes more than what we profess. The multifarious range of projects we have accomplished till now imbibe our passion to think beyond conventions and actualize any dream into an immediate tangible experience. We are well recognized as a specialist in utilizing avant – garde technology in the market we operate.

Best Construction companies in UAE


Possessing over a decade of experience, Prestige Constructions has seen phenomenal growth due to its commitment to high quality construction while maintaining time and budget constraints. Armed with the latest construction technology, coupled with best industry practices, expert personnel, strong leadership and teamwork, the organization has successfully executed several projects of varying range and stature. There has always been an emphasis on sustainable growth in Prestige. It has embarked and crossed with a strategic and planned view that reflects on each milestone. With each project and with each square foot built, Prestige Constructions has become the organization it is today. We have very strong presence in the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah and further, we are on an expansion spree. Undeniably, the journey of Prestige since its inception has been a tumultuous one having its ebb and flow. However, what remained top priority throughout was quality of construction and timely delivery of projects. The portfolio of projects accomplished across the UAE has earned it reputation and recognition for fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies and making a difference for its clients.

Prestige Constructions believes that innovation and adaptability is part of its corporate versatility. Its projects are exemplary and cater to the best of engineering in relevance with the highest standards set by the UAE.

Our Partners

We have associated with a wide range of high-profile clients. We invest more time to emphasis on how we can add value to our clients. We value association, ensures that there is full transparency, develop trustworthy relationships and delivers results.